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irish potato harvest


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im expecting to start my spud harvest in bout 2 weeks, just wondering if any off ye no where i could get or if someone makes a topper for the stalks either to go on the front linkage of the harvesting tractor which is going to be a 6290 or else onto the back of another seperate tractor, would be nice to get one  ???

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ya i think i remember seeing it before actually on this site somewhere but forget what it looks like, its ok nh2 i thought u might have it handy theres no need to go looking for it, i might be able to find it myself or fendt power mite put it up again ?;D

how much you seeling ur converted ones for FP? could be interested ?;)

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how many rows would fendt powers one do at a pass 2 or 4 id be guessing, just ordered mine from FP, what you reckon fb she give you any trouble or does she work away alrite? ;)

runs perfectly!!!, may even order another from him in the near future!

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Finally got the harvest underway, there was some serious delays due to very wet weather and hence even weather fields, but we finally moved into the first friday morning, originally a M.F. 6140 was to go topping however the going was a bit tough for her due to some soft ground conditions so we brought one of the M.F. 6180s which managed beter, on the harvester there is a 6290 and there are two of agrium models converted 6290s carting to the grader with maraston trailers, i had to carry a M.F. 3680 into the field too as she was on stand by with chains later in the day as the exit passage from the field got pretty sticky and the 6140 was put onto a yard brush to give the road a bit of a sweep to keep the cops happy all in all my the start of my first potato harvest is going ok with no major problems besides a bit of muck  ::)

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