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Cape Cod Farmer's 32nd display UPDATE: BIG progress on the toy farm!!!!


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Hi everyone, I finished all of the roads today, using my hoemade method with fine grit blasting sand, grey primer, and cat litter as a topper to the roads. I also added a little to the grass by shreading a few pieces of green construction paper in a paper shreader, and mixing them with the other stuff that was already down as grass. You may notice that there are a few slight landscaping differences compared to my last picture ,amd some new equipemnt was added, but all for the better! Next week, I start making the fields!

Here you go, please tell me what you think, and what I can do to improve.









Thank You for Looking! :)

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Needs some Masseys then it will be better, NC contracting will come and do your maize silage, we'll show you how to do it ;) ;) :D :D

I know, I know. The only reason I have John Deere's Is because that is all i can get in my arrea without having to pay 12 dollars for postage >:(. Next year, I will be collecting 32nd scale as a main scale in my collection. I still have a few ties to finish in the 16th collection though ;)

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Hey guys, just thought i'd tell you that because of thanksgiving yesterday, I ha to take the display down. I will be putting it back up in the cellar, but because it is now oficially the christmas holiday season, I most likely will be too busy to put it up any time soon, so it should be up sometime after christmas! :) :)

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