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Schl?ter super 2000 TVL (scratchbuild)

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This evening i started a new project

This time trying to make a schl?ter!!! (i know its red to!!!)

The Chassis is from a Siku Deutz Agrotron 210

And the rest is made my self

In front of the model i am making is the drawing of the model (drawn at scale 1:32 What a awful job!!)

Enough talking here are the pics (this time a better start then the FIAT!)



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looks promising mate, not a brand i am familiar with to be honest, how big is it model wise compaired to the current siku ones??

the weel base where almost the same as the Agrotron 210 from siku

Only the bonnet is much longer!

Some off these tractors where fit whit an V8 engine!

So the bonnet is much longer then the Agrotron 210!

Ive got a photo from one whit my girlfriend standing in front of the bonnet and she looked like a tiny girl!!!

What a beast 185Hp!!

The hight is going to be the same as the original Agrotron from siku

And the lenght is as long as the MF8280!!! from siku! ;D ;D

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Very good Johnny.  :)

not a great lover of the real tractor , but your model one is looking very good, very close to the real deal. :) :)

thanks guy's

the first time it works that i am making some other brand tractor (refering to the FIAT!)

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again a update for today!

Painted the cab and the deatails on the bonnet

Now i must cut something of the chassis that the cab will lower a litle bit!

Now its not good (in my vieuw its standing to high!)and i am not satisfied whit it!



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The drawing of the Next schl?ter is also ready!

Drawn at scale 1:32 and its going to be a Schl?ter Super Trac 2000 TVL lS

But that ones going to take a wile

because i must make the chassis my self and find some proper wheels for it

AND i must finish some projects of me (standing in the background of the schl?ter! )



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