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Classic Combines 1:16 scale MF22 Trailer.... A MUST SEE ITEM

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Well.... at Spalding I stopped to look at Dr Andy Sewel's stand... drooled over his JCB's.... swooned at his ploughs... then an MF30 seed drill caught my eye... how much is that mate I ask ??? .... ?630 comes the reply... I raise my eyebrows and walk off...

Anyway... I popped back twice to have a look... cross with myself I didn't have ?600 spare.. I walked off mumbling to myself I must try to work harder  :-[

Toytrac came around... Andy's there again... so I stop by for another drool over his 30 drill.. (well... a guy can dream can't he)... anyway... I get chatting about his MF products... and he shows me his 22 trailer.... "It just so happens I have one here that needs a home" Andy tells me...

Anyway... I part company with a substantial amount of money and it's mine all mine  ;D - to say this is a detailed model would be a understatement in the extreme.... it's a full functioning miniature replica of the real thing.... seems perfect in every detail to me  :)

I am as chuffed as punch with this model... and I'm now saving VERY HARD for a 30 drill sometime... That's not all... the REAL bad news... Andy's in the process of making a 1:16 precision model of an MF1200  :-*:-* - You should have seen mine and Sean's jaws hit the floor when he told us.. we both placed an order there and then  :P

Worse still... he's got plans to make an MF760 combine as well - Bankruptcy court here we come  :D :D :D

Anyway... enough waffle... cop a load of this beauty



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