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standen cyclone beet harvester

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most popular choices on the single row machines were DB 885/990 > MF 135 > FORD 3000/4000, i have driven  these except the 990 & 4000  also drove one with a IH 784 unit.

the DBs were the better units as they had more gears MFs were always good for their lugging ability & the fords were ok if you could get them started  in frosty wether

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no i havn't seen the 2 larger growers in my area growing any either as dillington estate usually has a dirty great pile by the sheds by the main road by now1 ,but there is one lifting fodder beet up the road fitted with a c-ih 1394

It would make a nice photo ,ive never seen a case ih powering one  ;)

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Whilst im on the subject of photo's i was wondering if any of you had ever seen a knight self propelled sprayer powerd by a david brown 1390 skid unit as a friend of mine said he had seen one

I'm pretty sure I have may of been a Case though we'll try and find pics :)

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hows the 1390 coming along ?

just need the resin to do some moulds i might use a diferent cab as it doesnt fit  the ertl body that well so im going for an ertl cast explorer instead as for chassis i might use the 1690 and cut the engine compartment down to 4 cylinder and also cut the back axel off and put a ford 6600 axel bell housing in instead im going to cut the weights off aswell to shorten the body also with the likes of the 6600 back end i can have britains linkage

all i realy need is decals as my printer has given up the ghost ive got the right paint the front wheels might be off a ford 6600 aswell

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Do you fancy building one of them too??

well i might if i can see what they used to look like im still playing around ?with the tractor ive got picing it together etc

i will have to see how well the origional comes out first but yes if all goes ok i want to do other thigs with the 1390

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