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What's a Britain's Riding School & Show Jumping set worth ???


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I was looking at the catalogue for the "toy" sale at Taylors Montrose on Saturday I saw a Britains Riding School & show jumping set no 7176. They have a value of ? 40- ?60 on it but as I have never seen one of these before I was just interested to see what people thought this might be worth?? Although I'm going down to that area on Saturday I'm only planning on viewing and not staying at the auction because there is very little in the 500 lots I'm interested in.


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I think I saw one of these at the last Sandown Toyfair for ?25. They are all common figures/animals, so personally I think that is far to much, you pays your money you takes your choice

If it had been 7580 or 7594 Showjumping game and earlier Showjumping set, respectively, then your ?40-?60 would be a good price  :)

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