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Dug this out and thought I'd try and improve it.  Have started on the hubs but it's been a long time since I did any painting and my hands aren't as steady as they used to be, so will have another try tomorrow.  Already looks a bit better.  Will get the front linkage off it too soon! The steering beacon will have to go as well, apart from those issues I always thought it was a decent likeness.


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Fraser 10 tonne grain trailer and 6 tonne grain with silage sides

This one nearing completion and can finally move off the bench. A K-Two sales 14 ton agri dump trailer. 

I'm starting to think I need a bigger bench!

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On 4/11/2021 at 2:37 PM, CX820Joe said:

Going to use this little DB as a yard tractor, so probably will use with the sweeper pictured and probably a link box.  Would it need some front weight added do you think?


you wont need any weights on it just for yard work 

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47 minutes ago, Stabliofarmer said:

The certainly look like a great match Sean


lot better than i thought, was just lucky to find a uk seller doing the kit at 27 quid posted, doubt i would have paid the normal prices on ebay just for wheels 

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I decided to improve my Fendt 942 by removing its large rims which were based fairly realistically on 750/ R44 x 650/R38s by Wiking. And its very undetailed rubber tyres😠

So I found a set of wheels/tyres off the previous Wiking Fendt 939. And then with some Fendt spray paint and a few subtle modifications I fitted the wheels and replica 710/75/R42 X 600/65/R34s tyres.  I also redecalled it as a 936 as there are lots of the gen 5 versions running around here and I already know of two 936 gen 6s so I expect they will be more popular than the 942s. Anyways the extra detail on the tyres and rims certainly improves the models appearance🙂



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21 hours ago, limegreen said:

And what red colourmatch did you find .u like to now i have the same thing in mind

I used this paint, challenge is most of the Humbrol paints that others use are not available where I live.  

There is a topic on the forum that discusses colour matches, there might be a Case IH red reference on there.  


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