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???? a question ????


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whats what when it comes to model farms eg

what do they involve


carpet farms???

farms on a board???(or are they the same as dioramas)

so whats what

im not wanting to spend to much and its not going on a board it will probabily be in the spare bed room on a horrible patterend carpet its the only bad thing have to make another big shed yet as ive got to much new stuff!!!

will see what you say and go from there

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mine started as a small layout to display the convos on, layed out on seperate small boards for easy of packing/moving if needed, unfortunalty it rapidly expanded to one large farm with approx 5m2 of fields down each side in total, all raised of the loft floor and built between the rafters, its still all sectional, ie each building on its own board so can be moved,

just be aware once you start you cant stop

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Basically what Scott ( Thebritfarmer ) said, a diorama tends to be a detailed piece of the action whereas a layout is the whole thing and then carpet farming is obvioulsy more hands on knees and actually doing the work whereas a layout is more stationery.

Mine started off with a few cheap Britains sheds, a few animals, tractors and alot of nesquik. Now it consists of a warehouse a cattle shed, more tractors and still lots of nesquik!

Start off relatively small and cheaply, be ambitious but nevertheless build it up as time goes by. It's better as you get to learn more and it's so much more fun  ;)

Hope some of my advice comes in handy

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i started off with tractors on my living room carpet that we dont use, then i built my own barns, then as i got older i built more realistic barns, then this summer i came up with the idea of using the garage roof space, and its the best idea out because you can have all your soil and stuff you wouldnt have on your carpet, also you can make your own fields and fencing 8)

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thanks although i have a huge house there isnt ant roof space above the garague and my parents wont converet the loft so its the spare beederoom un till my family come down from scotoland and then its all pulled up for my grandad to sleep in!!! have just up loaded the photos on to photo bucket and will post them in a mo!!!

thanks again!! ;D ;D ;D

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