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scatch built gate

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i like alot of people on here have or are in the process of building a model farm.

I decided i was going to build the gates into the farm yard from scratch.

I bought some strips of wood from antics and some tiny nuts and bolts.

The gate is based upon a 10 ft somerfield gate.  The gate opens and closes and even has a replica latch that works.

I made 2 gates.  They look so realistic with the small brass bolts holding the bars together just like the real thing.  The britains gates you can buy look awful.    The hinges are made staples you find in your stationary draw and the latch from a copper nail bent to look the part.

see what you think

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sorry the hinges are made from thin brass wire, i used pliers to bend a right angle into the end of the wire and then cut them off the end so i'm left with 2 L shaped pieces of metal. i dip the one end in super glue and push the hinge into the soft wood.  With the post i used the same wire to create tiny little eyes just big enough to fit the diametre of the wire through the eye. And then pushed them into the post again with a little glue. 

Its part of the latch that is made from the staple.  I took a copper nail and bent the pointed end in at right angle a few mm and gain pushed this into the gate end.  The big staple you find on the posts is from a staple beacuse they are a funny shape. i had to make it so the gate shuts and stays shut unless the big long nail thing is pulled back to release the gate.  I think you find these latches on hunting gates.  Dont quote me on that

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