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Krone Big X with grass header


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First of all i know this has been done before, but though id have a got at it!

What do you think of it so far?

Could i get away eith the grass header being so high up off the ground on the back?

I've drilled a hole on each side of the header and placed the pincs through the exisitng holes on the harvester for now, though i plan to buy nuts and bolts to hold together!

Should i drill holes further up the rear of the header to lower in on the back end?

comments greatly welcome!






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It wouldn't pick up grass I dont think  ???

Try taking the big block off the back and se what that looks like.

I prefer the Norscot pick ups. Be more realistic for a machine that size  ;)

illl second that i saw one somewhere and it didnt really look right with the small jd header saying that yours looks well so far

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aye Noel lookin good there mate  ;)


A work in progress, gonna try and lower the header, but it aint gonna be easy to move closer to harvester, the rear end is made of metal and will take a lot of cutting and grinding to sort it, don't have heavy duty tools around me just yet!

maybe time to go back to the drawing board  ???

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