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my conversion collection


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some folks wanted to see my jd converstions but ive put all my converstions in and some of other peoples converstions as well  :)

fendt 818, case cvx and newholland t7060


the masseys


nf 6290, dave towse 7480 with added extras, mf 5455 with big A's header trailer and massey combine for good measure


and the best for last  8):P :P


jd 7530 with pdc power harrow, jd 6920s, jd 6920 and loader, pdc jd 6420s and jd 6410


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there are some very nice models there that fendt and new holland looks swell but them jd's are outstanding ;)

i like the setup and layout you have there, some thing that alpines lack i think.  good job on the 7060

they all look brilliant cj! you have some talent! 8)

thanks  :)

wao briliant stuff there CJ 8) how did you make the weight block fit 3point linkage on the 7530?

we'll leave that until you get your linkage fitted  :)

Look at that New Holland........ :P

Is that a Universal Hobbies Deutz-Fahr TTV chasis it's on mate........ ???

just changed the wheels for uh McCormick ztx whels mart  ;):)

nice  :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o

wow you got a great collection there there am amzing

where did you get them beacons for the masseys from ???

Fantastic collection you've got there CJ  8)  I think any one of us would be well pleased to have those models given half a chance :)

thanks  :)

Some really nice models there CJ  :P :P

Your JD6420S that I made ??? ???

Did you put the weight block on it or me ??? ???

cheers paul, yes thats one of yours and i just put the beacons on and weight block and put the weight from this on to a 5455  ;):)

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