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2008 Britains catalogue


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well. we are also stil waiting here in Germany. However, regarding the fact that FTF is having quite a close relationshio with Britains, it is a pitty that we are not the first one informed about 2008 releases ...

Nevertheless, I do not expect much but dissapointments - here are my predictions of further novelties:

- Known New Holland and Case Tractors with new stickers and with and without dual wheels and with/without front loader

- Another Marston trailer release - maybe yellow this time ;-)

- Vaderstad seed drill release - now in John Deere colours ;-)

- some new cow and pig sets

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Here we go:


The RC controller John Deere bulldozer and the image of the John Deere 8330 on row crops (is this the precision modell) look interesting, but everything else ... as predicted.

Where/what are the lesson learned by Britains when meeting with FTF  ???;) / :D:-\ / :'(

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new releases Britains 1st semester 2008:


42301 NEW HOLLAND T7060 Tractor

42303 Case IH PUMA 210 Tractor

42330 Case IH STX 535 Quadtrac

42407 JOHN DEERE 8330 Tractor


15817 JOHN DEERE 648GII Log Skidder (new Colour)


42400 RC JOHN DEERE Bulldozer

And that's it!?

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why complain, at least we wont be tempted to buy any models that are anyways only a shadow of what UH, ROS ,Agrar Toy, Weise Toys or Wiking can do. Let them make the tractors and implements for us.

Britains and to some extend Siku will certainly loose the collecter segment to the afore mentioned sooner or later if they do not improve on their quality and subjects.

As it is I barely have enough money to buy all the other awsome models available.

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:o no implements? :o :o :o :'(

Who needs implements ::)

For your implement desires you are going to have to look toward UH or Siku (unless you have one built special). Ertl doesn't make implements unless they can rebadge or recolor and sell as 20 different models to keep it profitable. I doubt we will ever see a high detailed implement from Ertl because it would cost too much to sell and they won't make any money compared to a simple disc or cultivator that only has a few pieces and is more generic for different colors.

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Personally it suits me if britains just make tractors (compare their vaderstad drill to new UH version)

I prefer to run a carpet farm instead of just collecting (its cheaper)  I have two JD6920 (convos) a new 7430 & 7530 all SIKU  And then 4 britains tractors NH T7040(eu convo)  JD7830(convo) JD7920(convo) CASE magnum 310.

I will only buy tractors from my favourite three makers JD, NH & Case  so im unlikely to buy any UH tractor!  however I love the UH implements & intend to buy more in future as there realism also improves the look of the britains tractor pulling them ;)

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Oh Bugger!!!!  Ive just seen pic of new 8330 on french website & Britains have done what i didnt expect! theyve put the rear wheel weights  on it! 

Guess who went out & bought a JD7930 USA model for ?18 which features rear wheel weights because he was convinced that the 8330 wouldnt have them on & he would have to do a conversion useing a donor tractor  ggrrrrrrr!!

Still  i will have to remove that front linkage & replace with front weight and maybe change tyres over to siku ones , but otherwise it looks perfect to replace my 7920 & pull the forthcomeing 7F Kv plough ;D

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I wonder what happened to those new front loaders,?

UH and Siku make better implements to attach to our Britains tractors, I dont think Britains can match them so they concerntrate on the tractors.

Britains can make as good an implement as Siku and UH if they wanted to. But these companies have different sales strategies and UH builds these for limited runs to collectors. Britains builds for large runs for play and collecting. If you look at the detail Ertl puts into their precision models you know they have the means to make as good if not better then UH but the model wouldn't fit their sales plan :(

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Thanks Deerepower. I was asking G&M earlier this week and was in past a local shop last night but neither knew when they would be issued. If on ebay though ( i'm not buying) they shouldn't be too long hopefully before they are on issue to the general public.

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Over the couple of past years I have asked in toy shops that I have been in if they have the 'current' Britain's catalogue and only one around here has them on a regular basis, all the others say that they are only issued one 'trade' catalogue for themselves and are not given 'public' catalogues. Does this mean to say that Britain's are doing the same with their catalogues as they are with their farm toys, cutting down?  ???  :-\

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