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MF 81** Update

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  Here by popular request, well Marky and JohnyMF anyway, is the start of my MF 81**. I've used a UH Renault Atles 936RZ chassis, with a modified Britains 6290 cab and floorpan, and a scratch built bonnet.

           Have added scratch built MF style steps and cut away the Britains cab passenger seat { may try adding a Siku 8280 cab interior }. Have cut out the Britains front screen and replaced it, wiper was in the wrong place for a 81** series, and added hand rails, mirror arms and side lights. That's about it for now.



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just noticed something on the bonnet that is not quite right

The 1st groove botom of the bonnet must be open to the chassis!

Iff you know what i mean ???

Still looking good mate

Hey allis i hope youre not angry on me because i mentioned the groove ???

Just where giving you advise to help mate

Hope to see an update soon mate

Greatings Johny

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  • 2 months later...

Finally got back to this one after a long enforced break, { new kitchen, floors up and replaced, that sort of thing, you know what these women are like }.

        Got the cab interior in, from a Siku 8280,  mounted the cab, bonnet sprayed up and decaled, just the finishing touches to do really, will post a few more pics later.



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