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diggers 2 = 1 !!!!!!!!!

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this good little digger came with a small bucket a ditching one and breacker / pecker!!! but it broke so it was useless!!!!!!!!!!!! >:( >:(>:( >:( :( :( :(

and this one came with one bucket and was whole / un broken ;D ;D


so time to get the drill out!!!! ;D ;D




what you think?????

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a rreding basket is as wide as the digger roughly and is shaped like a ditching bucket but is open bottomed , its made with a knife like a combine type so it cuts reeds and grass to clear out dykes of growth etc, it dosnt remove sludge ;) you have to use a bucket for that. will try and get some pics of one

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Ahh ok i see it now, cant say i have seen one in nz before, that wouldnt be to hard...... just has to be brass, make a jig for bending the brass for the basket

What are the 2 hoses for dangling down not pulged in mike?

not plugged in, they run the knife,  i had just moved the digger with the lowloader and tractor shown, we had to take the extension off to get the hight down for road travel, driver just tracking it off in pic and then he reattached the pipes
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