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A while back I got a Siku MF 4270 as part of a job lot from Cheddar car boot fair. It came without a cab and an exhaust.

I decided to go with the cabless theme.

As i usually do, when attempting a conversion, i went to the internet for as many pictures as i could find.

Just about all cabless (open platform) 4200's pictured had the american style short mudguards. I did find one small picture of one with the full round mudguards, which was a good an excuse as any for avoiding a lot of fidley cutting.

Also all the american style tractors had enclosed steps, but cab ones had open steps, which again was another excuse as i only had open steps in the 'bits box'.

This was never going to be a 'silk purse' because of starting with a 'sows ear', but i hope i did get something a little different out of it.

Anyhow, thats all the excuses out of the way, and hopefully ther are some pictures to follow.

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I like it Adie, looks smart! Nice to see something a bit different. You just need to give the driver a paint job and new wardrobe!

You and your Masseys. I've got a couple of friends on the shooting syndicate who work for Agco @ MF UK if you ever need anything.....

Oh, incidentally, your 2680 - about a fiver should cover the job..... drop me a PM with your address & PP details.



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