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Proper Job Ranch

sparrow legs

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well heres part of a layout you have seen before (sparrow legs layout) and now its joined onto clarkdeisels layout then a bit added! working progress, keep having ideas and changing field sizes etc as the kit gets bigger ;D

both of us have a couple of days off work so doing abit to the layout (proper job!)

name comes from our liking of making stuff from scrap (like andy "proper job" from scrapheap challange)

coments welcome



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hi kris, yes its in a shed at thorngumbald, e.yorks ;) i have a 25min drive to get to it :(

there not chicken sheds, there pig fattening units on slats ;)

all of the back 3 sections with the back scenes were displayed at spalding, a few gates ways have been added to it to join into the new layouts

working progress, still plenty to work at on it, done some more to it with clarkdeisel today ;D

thanks for all ya positive comments    (changing to estates rather than ranch in the name as its growing)

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