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New cabinet


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The display for my 'specials' was getting a bit cramped, so had a wee shot at building a bigger one. My 'office' is a bit cramped anyway. :D

(Carpenters, joiners and other professional woodworkers should look away now!)






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Flipping hec John... is there no end to your talents mate..... I'm loving that... when's mine coming  ???:P

You are one clever man Mr Cranberry..... I bet you can pat your head and rub your tummy at the same time  >:( - play golf "off scratch"  >:( - do the rubiks cube  >:( - the times crossword  >:(

Looks like you need some more models though... come on Nigel... get designing  :D :D

Although... that bottom shelf looks a little heavy to me John... best send me the Chestnut 500 combine... that may help  :P

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Thanks all.  :)

I don't think it'll be entirely dustproof, Bill as you say they never are.

Is the New Holland beside the two Renaults an 8360?

'Tis indeed the old 8360  :)

very impressive john, any pics of your different mf trailers there??

I'll post some Sean.

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