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Griffiths 8/10 ton grain trailer

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looks great there, i think i would mind making a smaller one myself, so how or where abouts did you shorten it??

Thanks Matty,I shortened the front of the trailer body by cutting off the headboard part with an angle grinder and sanding and filing the body (and headboard off cut) to make sure that it was square when I stuck the headboard off cut back on as I wanted to keep the hydraulic door.

And then shortened the rear of the chassis to the size of the body and repostioned the axles.

Hope that helps a bit :)

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ah right yep i can picture it in my head 8) hard work that would be :o

no its pretty easy, just remember to cut all the bits straight and when you rejoin the rear end to the chassis strenthen it with plasitc inside the chassis rails, even a few bits of brass rods drilled and glues in there to, otherwise the tipper can force the end of

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