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David Brown 1690 2wd conversion!

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Because i know this lad who has heaps of them!! and there not very good in terms of detail ect.. any way it could take me years to come across a model in bad shape with a perfect floor pan and cab!

sure im not the only one on hear who gives rareish models the chop to make other's look at all the profesional conversion'ists on hear i bet you ask them have they ever gave a rare model the chop they'l reply yes!

Yes Nick they are familar arent they :D what do you think of them with the bigger tyre's?? i think they look good!

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Hi lads

Im using two britains renault cergos 340 chassis!

now ive still got to get a JD4020 for its axle and an ertl 2294 for its bonnet im not going to do to much till i get the rest of the parts except for i may start adding detail to the cab also the front windscreen bar has to be lowered as its to high and the rear axle has to be cut back a bit as the width is to wide!

but i will keep going with it!

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youve a good fleet of them ;) the one we mowed with was couped off a silo twice and was a bit worse for wear but they were good tractors and simple and straightforward to work at. we had a long line of dbs from 2 cropmasters to 2 990s then a 780 then a 1200 then a 1412 then the two 1690s ;)

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Oh i was just wondering because the Turbo charged one's when turned up are real beast's of tractor's weve got a 1690T and 1694 and also 2 2wd DB 1690's both 1980 the straight six was a good engine but were a bit underpowerd!

so in theory they could be discribed as wrongly numberd 1590(I know 1590s never exeisted)then you had the true turbo 1690-94

would i not be far wrong there ?

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I have only one question,  ??? ??? ??? ??? why would you do that to a very nice, collectable and desirable Marshall (Steyr) tractor that I would give my eye teeth for  :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o



:D :D :D :D :D::) ::)::) ::)::)

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Just an update ive now got a bonnet for the DB 1690 and ive done some moddefications already for it to fit and i have to  say im very happy with the result so far!! but plenty of work to do still and ive still got to get the JD 4020 axle as well ill post some pics tomorow! ;)

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Hi nigel

no exact number yet?? but im planning on making two 2wd DB 1690's for the time been! Im bringing one to meltham yorkshire for the DBTC show on june 29th to show of ect and if i have it finnished in time and if people would like me to build one's for them then ill take orders ill have to see!

i wouldent of built it if it were not for the insperation from your builds nigel so thanks for all your help! and thanks to Kiwi nick and powerrabbit and any one else who have helped me get this far! ;)

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