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Matador Reel

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I guess you'll just have to get the cam track workin' then John.... ;):)

In a moment of madness I thought about making them move......

You couldn't leave it alone eh John  ;D ;D

It's right beside me when I'm at the PC - and it was annoying the hell out of me.  :)

so john how easy really, any chance of a talk through, i love mine but its spoilt by that error on thier behalf

I'll stick something in the 'Quick Customs'  :)

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If this classed as a 'Quick Custom' maybe a mod could move it please.  :)

1) Remove non drive end of reel from arm by gently prising with tapered tweezers or similar used like wedges. The shaft has a 'bulb' on the end to retain it, which must be eased through th arm.

2) Note position of two small rollers in hoop of drive end as these may break off during removal using similar method as above. Drive sprocket and guard remain on arm.

3) The two ends of the reel are metal and the rakes are a plastic which behaves like a metal but will break if bent too far. Pinch one of the bars between thumb and first finger tightly with ends of both against metal end and roll finger tips together to pull the rake straight out. Some will be more difficult than others as glue quantity varies. Hopefully a hole should be left which makes reassembly easier. A couple broke with me but this method ensures it is close to the glue point.

4) Continue right round, but one make be left in situ. Remove central ends and lay the rakes out noting order they were removed. (Tines are staggered on each following rake)

5) Perform similar on other half of reel.

6) Using the rake left in place as a guide - others will be placed with tines parallel, dry fit the first replacement. If some have broken instead of leaving hole clean, fit the shortest ones first. If the are too long gently file glue from reel and/or end of rake - they should not be bowed at all. A good way is to make them a tiny bit short, apply glue and them squeeze the two reel 'wheels' together so that when dry they are under a very slight tension. I just used super glue.

7) Gently tweak any tines so that they are all parallel and vertical.

8) Reinstall the reel, drive end first. Turn until the tines are vertical.

Sorry I didn't get any pics.

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