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9 ton fraser trailer

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well here is my latest project... it's a 12 ton marston trailer, hopefully goign to be a 9/10 ton fraser trailer. ive seen this done by sean and jamie, so give them the credit ;) but i shortened the body, took the tail gate off, then i made a better looking drawbar, no pics of it yet.

oh and one thing, should i spray it the actual fraser green or should i spray it in JD green? JD green would be easier :-\ but you's decide :-\






this is where i joined the chassis together, i put a bit of metal in to support it, but i think il put another bit in :-\


what you's think?

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good job ;) are you doing silage sides for it?

no it's just going to be a grain trailer, before i did this to it, it was just the normal grain trailer with out silage sides so... :-\ dont have any sides to put on her and im going to make the tailgate sort of manual, and i would love to make a grain hatch on it for when im blowing the grain into the drier :-\ but i will probably make a right mess of it ::)

nice job! thumbs up!

thanks mate, positive comments keep me going ;D;)

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looking good so far Matty ;),are you going to keep it on the super single wheels

thanks, yea they're staying, they look prety much the same as the real ones, almost :-[

this here is the sort of trailer i'm basing it on, obviously wont be the same body style but hey, i think it's better than the usual marston 12tonne trailer for farmers with 3000acres of crop!! :D :D


and heres todays work, made a drawbar out of wood, shaped it, filed it, sanded it, loved it  :D then got hooked up with it :D :D i know it realy isnt great but you have to start somewhere!!










still have to put a better tailgate on

but what do you's think of it so far?

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Looks great, an excellent start to conversions!!!

Maybe make a pipe holder for the front and it will look ace.

I personally would of gone for a thinner drawbar but yours looks fine.

A touch of paint and get it rolling!!  ;) ;) ;)

yep i'll get that done, i know the drawbar is a bit thick but hay :D well i have to get this tailgate doneand i'll get her primed 8)

looks good, how did you cut the metal ???

thanks mate, hacksaw ;):D

people need your advice, should i get a fraser look a like paint from halfords or just spray it JD green??

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quick update, worked at it tonight and took pics, one thing completely forgot about taking pics so only remembering them now, so il post them up tomorrow. well i made the tailgate manual (it's supposed to be a older trailer) then a put a strength bar in the centre of the body ::) made a holder bar on the drawbar for hyraulic hoses. next job is to put a lick of primer on then hopefully should be ready for fraser green at the weekend 8) will get pics up tomorrow ;)

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