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3.5mtr trailing cultivator.

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I've made this cultivator up too work down light land that has come out of spuds is as little passes as can be gotten away with.

The width is keep narrow so that the 160hp tractors used on the root trailers can be used on the days when theres no digging,witch will come in handy when your a few miles away from the yard on rented ground because it'll save driving out to the paddock just to work down 2 days worth of digging.

The roller is only pulled on the last pass too stop the ground getting to fine,aslo it leaves a nice firm seedbed to drill winter wheat into.

MF 6290 working hard.


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Ol, what's going on? We don't hear from you for weeks and then when we do you have to go and show off these magical scratch builds!! Not sure I like that mate, it's very unfair :( That said, your making some really smart pieces so I will give you the benefit of the doubt ;):-*

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Thanks tris me ol son. :)

Yer I'm happy with how it's turned out.

I've also be playing around with a 3 bed folding shapforma for drilling carrots onto of late,i'll show you that when it's done.

Heres a photo of a single bed shapforma I made to get a feel for it before starting,well you can kinda see it.052_52.jpg

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I love the cultivator Ol, it looks really well built mate!  :) Is it based on a particular brand or just built from scrap??

It's nice to see one of my babies still being well cared for also.  ;)

thought that was one of yours ;) ;)

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Hi Ol... nice to hear from you... some cracking work there mate... especially the cultivator  :P - nice to see a Massey upfront getting the cobwebs blown out as well  ;D

Not to mention the big ends, valves etc etc........  :D :D :D :D

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