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my scratch built zero grazing mower

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Ah ha you joined up!! I was the one whon sent you the message on ebay when I saw this in the background of your listing photo!!

I love this kind of thing, different, original. . .  British  :)

Looks like you have done a nice job with it.  8)

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well we used to have 1 at the place i worked 1 mower 2 trailers

advantages are that you can keep the cattle on a field close to the yard all the time and bring in the grass to them saving the cows a lot of time walking and grazing

also when cows graze a field they seem to waste a lot of the grass by  craping on  it also if you notice how a cow grazes she will walk around and eat a few spots bare and leave some hardly touched

the place where i worked had some fields that were around 2 or 3 miles away so thats why we used the system

also with the machine you can cut the grass at a very early growth stage when the sugar is at its highest  also being able to get more cuts per season

another good reason is that with the mower and trailer on floatation tyres you can still keep cutting grass in november or so when the fields are wet

where as the cows would just poach the feild up big time

hope this helps


51 mon

i used to live at cheavley cottage huntington for a couple of years  and was self employed i used to help out Bob Arden a bit

phil robbinson

used to run  an umbilical cord and go around  cheshire pumping  poo

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yea they are good basicly just a pz mower drum or they used to be  can go like hell i tell ya

next time you see bob give him my best  wishes

tell him nick in the States says hello

we had a hell of a party in his grain store god must of been 10 years ago now  he made it into a beach put sand on the floor and everything made a swimming pool out of bales and silage sheet

and used a bale trailer for a stage  think we ran out of ale so the land lady from the pub brought 100 bottles out within about 10 mins that was gone too

Ahhh the good old days

Do you know the jones,s the bought the land and the buildings off bob? i went to young farmers with Mike and Caroline

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oh eye yer we bought one of these zero mowers last year we used a kidd doble chopp too but it would sink in the ground if the fileds were wet and then it would chopp soil  ???

so ibought a 8 ton feed bunker to best machein on the farm i cut 5 acers a day from march till november  and put 2000 gallon of slurry behind the mower every day  plenty of milk for little imput puts the kidd to shame for the regrowth is three times as fast

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yer harbrook engernering do baches of 10 at a time when they get enough orders in but they are £16.000 now mine was only £4.000

my trailer was new so it will last me a long time it,s massive it feeds 50 cows at any time im feeding hefiers with it on the stubbes now so it gets used all the time

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