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MF4255 (Finished!!!!)

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Started something i had in my mind for a few months

The chassis and wheels are from a UH MC Cormick MC115

The cab and bonnet are from a TIM MF4260

I shortend the bonnet a litle bit and already did a lot off cutting on the chassis.

Here is the result so far!

Still a lot off work to do before it is finished.



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Thanks for the nice reply's lads ;)

Now i where a bit embaresed that i put this model to the side for such a long time  :-[ but the result would be much better like this :P

Now i must look to make a good detailed interior in the cab and the mirors and handrails and lights etc.etc.

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Well it take a few months to finish this tractor because i had some problems that have been solved on this model!

But last week i where in the vibe whit the MF 2725 Electronic and also i took this one to finish it!

The bonnet and cab+cabplatform are from the TIM MF 4260.

The handbar for the doors are from the siku MF4270 cab.

The frontweight is from the UH MF 5480 also as the stairs.

Enough talking ;)

So here is the result





The reason that i wanted a 4255 in my colection is that my uncle had one in the past!(i think i have mentiond that earlyer in this topic.

At the time he bought this tractor new he had beside this one a MF 3080 so that´s why i put my 3080 next to the 4255 for the photo.

Nice and trustfull feelings for me when i drove these 2 in real! :-*



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