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tm's first 16th convo

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well this models really been bugging me since it came out, and i always swore i would never buy one as it looked so wrong, however i decide to waste 30 quid inc postage on one so i could have a tinker with her, and this is how shes turned out so far, i really need your thoughts on it so far, incas ei have gone seriously wrong, the arches need to be raised a little due to a tiny mis-measure but do the basic shapes look right to you all??????? only worked from pics as i forgot to get some measurements from the show last sunday, but i did get them for the next part anyway ;)

all comments welcome bad and good please




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ta lads, , have lifted the arches up a bit now so they sitr away from the wheels, and also started something else for it to, ,wont say though just yet, also been bending some plastic rod into a basic flexi cab frame but its to springys so away to the model shop tommorrow all being well for some 2.5mm square bras rod if they sell it

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I hope you didnt lift the arches much  ??? because they are not standing much higher then the bonnet in real life!

no they are now dead level with the bonnet so about 1.5 - 2 mm above the tyres

Looking good to me Sean e baby... now I know what that PM was all about the other night  ;);D

makes a cr@ppy model look good now mate... would have been sooooo easy for UH to have done the same as well  :-\

i know mate, see i always ask my brain box for measurements ect dont i, ,also added the rear light pods just now,  and filled the gap on the curve ready for sanding

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well the rear light pods are now fitted,and as i said rear arches raised ever so slightly , and i also had a test fit of the  basic loader workings, the loaders made out of plastic card, multi layerd, so its 2x  2mm thick basic shaped arms in the middle to form the basic shape, glued onto two complete bits of 1mm thick on the outer sides so they have no join as such, ,basicly a 1 peice finish so a lot stronger, its not fitted properly at all so may look a bit wonky, just tabbed a bit of super glue so i could get the side supports right for the main frame on the tractor arms are a little high as i need to cut the uprights down a tad ,its about 8 mm to high at present

all the measurements were taken of a real mf 35 loader at the shepton show, so its basicly right, although it does look a little thin ,the basics are there





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he'll be on 1/1 soon :D :D :D :D ::)

all being well mate at some point i will ;)

bit more this eve after my familly trips out

rams ect on the loader finished of more or less, along with the last ends of the bucket area, ,these still need thickening out mind, just in place to assist with the ram positioning, but, the more i do the more i wonder, do the main uprights where the arms attach look thick enough to you all,they are scalled of the origoanl i measured but seem a little weedy to me????? they just dont seem right to me, tripple checked my measurements, and again just now on the pc and its the right width ect




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