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Thought it was time to do another.

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i know i was joking not a massive massey fan myself more of a case and nh but i like your deere and your trailer

I know mate. I like to tease them now and again.

The trailer is one of Ricky`s Redrock ones. Bought in as a kit and built up. Nice piece i must say.

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I used the Valtra ones this time Simon. They look good on it, I must say :-*

As for the cheap shot at the Massey, I`m only teasing a little. The massey massive have thick skin and take my comments lightly ;)

:'( :'( :'( I've not been able to post in here yet.... Ohhhhh the pain... how could you say such a thing Graeme...

I'm pressing the report to moderator button right now  >:(


Nice trailer though.... well done Graeme... and well done Rickaaaaaaay...

Actually... the JD looks pretty good too  :-[

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