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MF8130 (as good as finished!)21-12-08

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Wel here is a plan when i had the bonnet off the 8130 i where trying to make

I think i must buy me some MF6290's from britains because this cab is lowned from one off the MF8160's

Think i'll make a MF6190 off this one or an MF8130 :-\

Let me know what you think off it ???;)



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Sorry to hear about your arm Johny, how did you do it?, will miss all your MF convo's for a while.

fall off a stair at work whit a large piece off wood :-[

try to brake my fall whit my hand and that turned ouy bad :'(

i hope i get back  building models soon :-\

thanks for asking mate ;)

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ouch johny, thats not good, glad you can still type mind, sure you can do something with one arm

can do something whit one arm but that is not much :'( type on forums ;D

i asked my girlfriend iff she wanted to help me whit cutting plastic card she hold it and i cut,BUT she didnt do it :D;D;)

Maybe i try to do something on making convo's :)

But i think it won't work  :'(



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Started over whit the bonnet for this one.

Because the other one where a litle bit to high.

The bonnet is not standing good at the photo because it must be raised a litle bit at the baqck but i am working on that.


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get well soon ;).........................

..............and great model :) :)

i kinda think he's over it now??!

great looking model though Johny, looks nice and 'beefy'!, mean looking machine! ;D

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