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Cattle Crush

Would you pay ?30 for a cattle crush  

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  1. 1. Would you pay ?30 for a cattle crush

    • yes
    • possibly
    • no

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i have looked into casting the crush showen in the topic below, due to having to cast it in a few parts, then having to join it all together and paint it i would be looking to sell them at around the ?30 mark. i need some feedback on wether people would be willing to pay that for them or not.

i dont want to go ahead with the casting if i am going to be stuck with them.

any opinions welcome

thanks for your time


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I can understand the reason for the price due to casting etc, which is still reasonably cheap for some casted models. I have put possibly, it is an excellent model don't get me wrong but unless i can sort my diorama out something that wouldn't be top priority until the finishing touches. But if i had ?30 going then yes  ;)

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right well you did ask !!! :)

I put possibly too, I LOVE yr model,it`s a doosie .

I appreciate the costs and the time involved ,but at ?30.........I`d need to be feeling  very flush, or drunk  no offence.

I`ve no set up mine yet again  and tho any layout of mine would cry out for a crush, I`d have to think about it at that price .I`m saying that but if I were to see a finished model and get to handle one then it`s possible my mind would be changed into I HAVE TO HAVE ONE !!!!!! :o

Is this why britains etc haven`t made many of these accessory type models so far? the cost of producing them

sorry Andy it`s no more encouraging for ya after us all bein so positive when we say yr pics

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DT has a nice cattle crush for ?10 so why pay ?30

There is no comparison between Daves crush and Andy's (no offence meant to Dave here), Andy's one has a lot more detail to it with the opening doors and gates on it so I believe that the extra expense is worth it if you want a more accurate and detailed crush on your layout as ;):)

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