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A bit of slurry spreading


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Watch your beacon on your 6610 there CJ.  ;) ;)

You wouldn't want to loss that now would you  :D :D :D :D

Nice pics mate  :) :) ;)

oh ive that well sussed that beacon wont hit when mixing at either end

I bet your boots stink tonight Chris!  :D :D :D :D

yes between slurry, diesel and oil  :D :D the dog smells better

a wee bit tight there

not as tight as it looks there about 4" to play with

dont hit the wrong spool lad i did that 1 day spreadin wit 1 o preshos boom  tankers was fillin at the end of a shed boom went up in air near touched roof few bad words anounced  ;)

well turn off the costant pump when filling  :D

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i know but i work it so i only work the spools when in the field, like when your have just emptyed a tanker switch over to fill before you leave and switch back to spread when you get into the field

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its a group were about 90% of farmers in a 10 mile radius of strabane are members and we meet every month were there is usually a talk given from a guest either from dard or something like that and the group owns a claas ares with joskin tanker and injector and two rdrock ferry tankers which is hired out to members

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cheers ben, Well thats what happens when My grand father had a say in the desgin aaahhh sure there never be anything bigger than a mf 265  :D :D

Had some of that too....'why on earth do you need a feeding passage 10 feet wide?'  :)

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