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sparrow legs john deere 3040

sparrow legs

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as you all know i use it as an agricultural contractor flailmowing, also its used for general arable and at local rallys etc ;D

as pics show i have duel wheels for it and often pull a 4 meter power harrow on it, had it dyno tested last year and its 96hp ;D rated in the book at 90hp, not bad after 26 years hard work :o

bought it 5 years ago with 4920hrs and clock now shows 7500hrs, not bad going seen as it was bought as a toy to replace my tef20 fergie (was sick of getting cold with no cab)

any questions please ask

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thanks for all ya kind comments, drive through keyingham on a regular basis in her, have a few customers out that way and do alot of work on the BOYES LANE show field for holdeness vintage club

tris, im after a 3350 :P waiting for the right one, has to be a 3350 4wd, high lift, air con, wide step and one of the last ones built, yes i know it will be as much as a good 6800 but i want a 50 series due to great vison for flailing also needs to be on 18.4r38 rears so my duels fit and that bigger tyres for grip

anyone want more pics of my 3040?

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She sure is a great looking girl Mike. Are the rear wheels original?


replaced same as she came with, 600/16? on front and 18.4r38 on rear, looks to nose down but drives ok, in the back ground you can se my dads yoke, a y reg 7810 and bomford flail, new replacement tractor in transit due 24th feb for march 08 delivery, a 7730! lucky bugger, i will get to drive it with a new lemkin 5furrow plough when im not flailing.

im a seperate buisness to were my dad works, they contact flail also but i relife drive for them during harvest etc

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