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FTF 2007/8 Muck Spreading Competition Voting Topic


who was the best muck spreader of 2007/8  

74 members have voted

  1. 1. who was the best muck spreader of 2007/8

    • Massey Boy (2007)
    • Massey Boy (1980/90)
    • Johndeermatty (2007)
    • Johndeermatty (1977)
    • The JCB Kid
    • Massey Man
    • Bremmner Metaltica
    • Tractorman810
    • CJ
    • Old Ford (1980)
    • Old Ford (2007)
    • Callum C
    • Henrymc
    • Alpine Focus
    • Noel
    • Gogreengelb
    • Miniatuurgek
    • Toyfarmer
    • TM190

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Right times up, and here we go for voting

first off many thanks to all the members who participated, ,you have all made this competition probably one of the best so far on the forum, hopefully we can do as well on the next one ,which will be coming soon the mod team promise.

Few rules for you

Each member will have two votes, think carefully as you wont be able to change once you have voted

We will leave the voting open for 1 week, so that will be thursday the 21st of feb no exceptions on this one

And finally as a thanks for all the entrys this time round i have donated a uh cx105 as a prize for the winner of the competition

Please note this wont happen for every competition we run we aint made of money honest  ;):D :D and dont worry if your out of the uk postage is included  :D :D

once again many thanks for the entries

the mod team 

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this is an appeal by the association of muck and slurry spreaders a charitable organisation caring for underprivileged muck and slurry spreaders everywhere. these are difficult times for many muck and slurry spreaders with rising costs and falling incomes many spreaders find themselves experiencing hard times and cannot afford to replace aging machinery however you could help one lucky spreader, if you would be prepared to donate two votes yes just two votes to the entries of your choice you could enable one lucky spreader to win a brand new tractor and so help them to continue muck and slurry spreading for many years to come. thankyou for taking the time to read this appeal and please give generously

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no mate deff not, when did you vote??? i hgad the topic in the admin bit the nighht before so i could get it all ready, deff no votes in there

I voted about a week or so or go- first or second to vote I think! When I logged on this morning I had a voting option again, which I didn't a couple of days ago?

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