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ford 8830 model collection

ford 8830

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:)hi there new member so i thought i would post some of my collection on here for all to see.






the bottom link is the best picture will work on improving for you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 ???

as you can see blue is the main colour and still the best although green and yellow has started to ingress into my blood. The red ones are probably going as they just spoil the colour scheme. I have lots more but just no room to place out.

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Your pictures can be linked in by highlighting each link you have posted in turn and clicking on the second icon from the left on the second row of buttons above the text box (the one that has a framed picture on it)

In future you can also copy the link from the box that says 'IMG Code' under the photo on your Photobucket page, which will automatically make your photos show in yor post ;)

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Welcome Aboard Richard.... thanks for sharing your collection with us... I'm not sure I can let the "red comment" go un-checked  :-X :-X :-X :-X  :D :D

Some nice models in there as well...

Questions for you...

1. So far.... your favourite model.... and why ???

2. What's next

3. Why Fords (mostly) ... ???

Many thanks once again... great to see another new member and his collection  ;D

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my favourite model would have to be the britains 8830. Just because this was the big tractor when i was young that i wanted to own for real. Mr purdues fords are the best for realism and also have pride of place.

next model will be 1/16 ford 5000 from does which is on order.

why fords, because my farther ran fords while he was farming so was brought up on 6600 and 10 series tractors.

Lost the blue coat now as own jd lawncare equipment. That means i can buy more though!!!!!!!!!!!

I also drive 580tt for the holiday and chalenger 865 so have to have models of those as well :) :) :)

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ohhh yes britains did make a 8830 for just under one year in 1991.

Product code 9321 in the powerfarm series.

They are quite hard to find and have one mint in box and one in display case.

You were both right about the other reason though.

could not believe my eyes when saw mt765 nearlly fell over running to get to table as well :o :o :o :o

Guy used to work for cat in europe and selling few gifts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 he had left over :D :D

did not do lottery this week so have used up all my luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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Hi there, hope you enjoy your time here with us friendly collectors or nutters as some folks call us.........some great models there, well done on the boot sale buy too.Although I`m a Massey fan too.I appreciate good models of any colour and you have some crackers.thanks for sharing,  all the best , John

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such a rare model as the Doe with it's limited numbers of 500 will only increase in worth..certainly when people have been drooling over the wide available 5000 that is coming from UH. :)

I see some strange additions to your mostly Ford collection :P

Whenever i see a white box with fragile stamped on it, i have to think of a Danbury Mint model..

am i correct and if so, is it the Ford 2000, Ford 8N or the Fordson F ?

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