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Where do you keep your collections!!


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As I share my collection with my dad, we have  rapidly run out of space for storage, just wondering if anyone else has the same problem!!

We've had to resort to sticking it in the loft.

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similar problem ?every shelf in my bed room at home is covered as well as the shelfs and floor spaces in a few other rooms its a disaster ?;D my biggest fear is some child will get into one of the rooms some day and start "playing" with them

now thats frightening ?:o :o :o

loft :( :(

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for safety of NCC and NH2 with the Hiab and artic....loft :) :) :)....would prefer a loft conversion though someday

We could find a way of getting in I'm sure FB.  ;D;)

My collection is spread out in various places:-

One working farm in the conservatory with only a few implements and a wheel-loaders stored there

One large working farm (encompassing the yards of three real life local farmers) on my bedroom floor and in the bottom (floor level) of the wardrobe, used as a barn.

Some boxed items kept in the wardrobe.

Displayed items on top of chest-of-drawers and on 1 shelf of a bookcase

Other items kept in storgae for use on the carpet in the loft.

Boxes kept for all models in the wardrobe and in the loft.

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Mine are in 4 glass cabinets in the living room ! - the kids are told if they so much as open a door they will be got at by the bogie man AND I will personally sort the Icecream man too ! >:(

Boxes are in the Loft - but I worry about them getting damp or mice chewed  - anyone got any bright ideas (yes I have a mousetrap or two) ???

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I've always thought that living in a lighthouse might be nice - just me and me MF's ;D

i don't do heights ;)

there's a redundant cattle shed that used to be a cow stall (breeze block construction) at the farm i used to be a tennant at, ?have thought about asking the new people if i could borrow it for a photo shoot ,as could paint fields & roads on the floor as its huge

40ft X 20ft ;):) :) :)

yer... can we have a strictly MF room with decontamination suits for JD lovers ?

you massey fans really ought to get out more :-\

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