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Potatoe planting with massey boy

Massey Boy

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i heard a tractor out side and here it is

i got a ride from the reaaly friendly driver david he said they proberley putting potatose

in which mean there will be a jd 8430 in with power harow bed former

and other tractors towin 3 de-stoners 3 planter

they could be wheat in there but most proberly not

he said the plough was 1.5 ton so he had the front whells filled up with water and

a big weight

dont want to bore you so here are the pics

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Nice pictures Cerin :)

i didnt think 1.5 ton would be that much for the deere :-\

nice pics, good to see a decent tractor ::)

What you have to remember is its not just what the ploughs actual weight is, its also affected by the amount of overhang beyond the back of the tractor. My old 6 furrow mounted Lemken weighed 1.9 tons but the actual weight exerted on the lift pins of the tractor was 6 tons when we had it on the lap top to calibrate the hydraulics and draft control. I had about 1500kg of front ballast on the tractor to keep it down and balanced

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aye your right, suppose the plough overhangs about 2meters from the pivot being the rear axel ::)

Try 5ish mate,

As gav said its about the overhang but you also have to rember that its not 1.5ton static weight, its moving, and most revs shake the tractor when they roll over

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nice pics

its nice when you find a friendly farmer there is not a lot of them that give people rides :)

would like to see that 8430 if it comes out ;)

thanks mate

5 minutes ago a john deere 6930 wasout there fert spreading

do you do that before potatos it was too dark for pic it might be back in a min

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