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abouts time I did this


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Hey all, I'm And2go, Your one stop shop for all useless info in the world ;D:P

As I have been a member for 6 months I thought it was about time I did this.

I have "collected" Britain's models most of my life, well when I say collected it was more a toy. I still have all my models now and boxes!!! Probably the 2 models that have the most hospital visits would be my deutz DX4.57 (one of the front wheels fell of, either because it was dropped or the wheel became very worn ::)  :-\ And is held on by a button) if you are lucky I might post a pic!. The other being the old cultivator, the kind that had the 3 rows plus folding sides. it has many a time become a cropper to a foot.

I stopped collecting models a few years ago but then said to myself, "i could use with a decent digger, then ill completely stop!" well I got my britains 3cx but thats whenthe bug struck and have bought many since! all sitting on my shelf getting admired:) Will need a new shelf or something soon; a box away from the roof!

Well Ill stop now, enough to take in there.


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Cor blimey... do you go on or what  :o ... six months... and all this... give somone else a chance to get a word in edgeways pllllllease  :D :D :D

Seriously.... thanks for the post And... welcome aboard chap.. enjoy your stay on here... and please feel free to post as many pics of your collection as you like.. we'd love to see them  :)

Any help you need.. just ask - I'm always at the other end of a PM  ;)

So... whats next in the "And collection" ??? - are you just Britains man ??? what I mean is... have you got the UH/Siku bug YET ???

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well. I did get the occasional siku, more so new and have got a 1/32 UH claas celtis and few 1/16 UH models (little grey, e27n and 35X)

im currently dreaming of a siku 7530 JD or 7430. Piggy bank wont allow for that at the mo.  :'(

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Ah... a fellow 1:16 collector... a man after my own heart  ;) - good models for the money as well  ;)

I can tell you things go down hill from here on in And... money gets "wicked" from your wallet faster than Barry at an all you can eat for a fiver carvery  :o

What about "conversions" - whats your view on those And ???

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