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some new holland conversions

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Dan that 83 looks the mutts. I'll show my mate who has a New Holland grey chassis one. . . Will these be available to others or for your own collection? They're stunning mate.

Yeah they will be, not just yet.  got a few other orders to sort out before.

thanks for the comments, i think the 83 is my fave aswell

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Wow they all look superb :o  8340 is my favourite :-* the decals look spot on, did you make them?

the ford decals i got from henri walker and the new holland ones i get from pdc.

how much is the ts dan ;)

haven't really thought about that yet, they will be available from me at some point.  i am toying with the idea that as they will be made to order, the buyer will send me the parts that i need to make the conversion.

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