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SAMECAR (puddings project tractor)


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something for ya, ya never know if i ever get it done i will send a pic to classic tractor magazine too

its a 1965-68 we think, not to sure because the new zealand built safety frame that was on it destroyed the id tag

its a V4 aircooled diesel, suppose to be 50hp, gearbox is a same atlanta, 4wd, front suspension, reckon it does about 40k on the road

its a tractor/truck concept that was a little ahead of its time, not a success in mr cassanis eyes

only a few in the world, i got a runner and a wreck, i know of 4 or 5 others in NZ

trans and engine parts are available, not much else,

anyway, any questions fire away

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ya, i have pics somewhere of it

it was restored by robertson engineering in hinds mid canterbury

wonder if he is going to sell if when the SAME franchise changes.........hopefully it goes to a good home


thats inside the cab of cosgroves one


thats the pic they used in the farm trader a couple years back


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Hope they dont lose same, recon they should get duetz tho, one stop shop then, From what ive herd they proberly wont get them tho, the family dont care about ag tractors or machnery now

Why dont you buy the same car? Right up you ally mate

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ya cosgroves is sorta getting out of a lot of things and concentrating on its operation at redruth, engineering and silos etc

hell the outfit i rent a room off brought dancosgroves ag machinery dealer in timaru, we now have kuhn and huscavana (kuhn will disapear), claas, MF/agco, lely,welgar,mcHale,JCB ha ha!

i don't have money for anymore toys like that.......

would like it thou....mine is a long way off being in that shape

next tractor i get will be a std one, one i can use on a mower conditioner or something, maybe a fiat 1180dth

all the guys who were SAME NZ marketing guys, teritory manages and peterscott? the general manager, has jumped into the new role under the austrailian based company that has deutz

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That's a fascinating bit of kit, and I've certainly never seen anything like that before.

    Would I be correct in thinking that they would have been made in several power sizes as the picture in the leaflet shows a tractor with smaller wheels. Are the wheels on yours original as they seem to be higher than the chassis at the rear. The engine is unusual too; very adventurous using a V4 with air cooling as it's often difficult to get a good airflow round all the cylinders for cooling. I'm not so sure about having the air intake next to the driver though; I'd imagine it would be pretty noisy with it mounted there. Is the engine very noisy as it's air cooled?

    Was three point linkage and PTO standard on them?

The Italians have some clever ideas for transport and machinery. In England we seem to be getting bigger machines all the time and trying to do as much as possible with them, in fact i wonder how long it will be before we see 100hp tractors on yard scraper duties with a 4m yard scraper.  ;):D I prefer smaller machines which can cover a variety of jobs 

    The Italians seem to design smaller specialist machines which are adaptions of other vehicles like the scooter trucks and other multi purpose cheap transport. This one's what you would call a tractor pick up, perfect for the small farmer. The Indians are pretty good at it too.

I'd be interested to know how much work you had to do to the cab, bearing in mind the quality of Italian steel. It doesn't look as though the main cab frame would be too difficult to repair, but he doors would be hard to replicate due to the shape of the pressing inside the door itself.

  Thanks for showing us yours and I hope to hear more about it soon.  ;):)

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naaa........unimog was thought of before this......heres a pic of a 1955 with big feet


unimog was more of a truck, that could be used as a tractor

mr womble

my tractor has 7.50-20's on the front, std ones were 6.00-16, in both 2wd and 4wd spec ( the brochure shows a 2wd version)

on the rear they suppose to have 10-24's this has 12.4-24's, they look like ferguson rims with same centres welded in ( i will try find some that are narrower, and fit in behind the front wheels, i would like to try vintage plowing with it)

this machine must have had a different life, things like the wheels are not standard, i think it spent its life as a spreader or sprayer.......was well used when i got it

i have the smaller front rims also, i will get some minitauro rear rims to match them later, bigger wheels are cool

3pt hitch was std (its a tractor undernieth), optional equipment was a 3 way tipper, 'wet kit'(hyd pump driven off fan belt), front PTO, and 2wd/4wd options, you also had hard top and soft top designs, and some were right hand drive

sizes, there was only one size of this exact shape, there were earlier ones, some smaller, some based on the italia (2 cylinder 4wd), dating back to the 1960......

they also built a v8 large one which was a truck, called elephante.........150hp.......set up as concrete mixers etc

they also made a SAMECAR TORO which was a truck, equal sized tires, 4wd, duals on the rear, about the same size as my one picture, it was SAME"S 'unimog'

the v4 motor was common to SAME at the time, ya right, you have to keep the air flowing, to keep the noise down i will make the exhaust run under the rear wheel, so i can build a deck for it, its not to loud as it is,

last ones were built in 71ish, they looked nice, not to sure how many of them survived

mr cassani got upset about the lack of success and he ordered the factory to scrap stocks and not talk about it........ha ha!.........now, 25 years on they are actually slowly adding orginal photos of these machines and brochures to there online museum, i don't even think the SAME factory has one in there museum, i know they had 3 set up as internal fire engines, there is a pic on my site

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  hanks for your reply. The designer was probably ahead of his time on this one. When you think of the markets he aimed it at; I'm not surprised he got upset and ordered them all to be scrapped. It must be really demoralizing when you come up with an idea like that and the world markets weren't interested. At the time it was designed and built he probably thought he would be a world leader with such a versatile machine. Farmers of the sixties were probably too set in their ideas of what a tractor should be. This would have been a great stockmans tractor. No need for a Land Rover and a tractor to do the job.  ;):)

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mr cassani (founder of SAME) was in the mountains on vacation one day, wanted something for the peasant farmers to work there ground and carry produce to market on

so he scratched the design out on the ground, and got his engineers to make it

he was ahead of his time alright, he was responsible for some of the first diesel tractors, and 4wd

will find some pics of other ones for you later on

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hey britains womble

click on historical archieve on this page


and search for SAMECAR, or toro, or elfante........you should be able to find pictures and sales literature of these machines

its actually a amazing site, i spent hours there, lots of development photos, etc, stuff you never knew they made

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