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low loader trailer

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well to take my mind off things (and this has worked well for clearing my head) i thought would put my old blue britains bale trailer to use.... sorry fogot to take a pic of it before, it's the bale trailer with an axel at each end of the body and had a realy bad draw bar :-\

first i moved the axels togther and moved the rear one up a bit.. then i shaped the end of the body down, then made the drawbar, i know the drawbar is too long but i'm going to shorten it later or tomorrow :-\ still have to make ramps ;)






well what you guys think, and another thing is, what colours or type of trailer should i make it into, the choices are, JD colours, leave it the same colour and make it a kane, or fraser but the fraser green will be dark :-\ i think either JD colours or leave it and make it kane :-\

what you's think of it?

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jd green bed and yellow wheels with NC stickers

now there's an idea, i think JD colours would be best because i dont want have to buy kane blue or proper fraser green unlike my disasterous fraser green ::)

this is so weird i was thinking of doing a coversion on exaccly the same trailer  :D :D :D

looking good though  ;) ;)

well i beat you to it ;D ;D

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i think she looks well ;)

cheers rab

thanks CJ. that was actualy the picture i was looking at to keep me right, here wait, ive just come up with an idea, do you reakon JDyellow is the same as the kane yellow, because i could just spray it JD yellow and that would save me a lot of bother, plus i have a spare kane sticker 8)

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fred did a blue lowloader for leslie stevenson just hadnt got nc decals,i know that he uses jcb yellow for the kane lowloaders never knew fraser made lowloaders?

i think i'll do it in jd yellow ;) and i wasnt going to make it a fraser anyway :-\ i ddint think fraser made them either

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got her all sprayed up and i think she's looking well :-\ it's a very basic kane trailer, e.g no hydraulic ramps and is'nt that big, just a basic low loader :-\ thats all i wanted ;) it's now finished apart from painting and wheels and adding the kane decal and rear lights :-\ ::) but please feel free to comment on this...







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very nice mate any plans for the light cords ect on it to

o yes, well i would only have to fit a very thin wire for the lights and i didnt think there was much point in making a big tube coming off the drawbar just for a tiny cable :-\ i might think of doing a thicker sort of curly wire coming from under the body :-\

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