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To re-place the acetate or not?


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Got a real bargian at a car boot sale back in the summer these 2 models for ?15.00 ;D ;D

what do you all think, would it would de value the models if the acetate were replaced, is it better to keep them totally original or change the asetate which would mean they would display much better.

I would be very interested in your thoughts/advice



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If the cellophane is intact, I would leave it but in my opinion there's no problem in replacing it.  To do it you have to open up the box carefully running a sharp knife along the glued joint and flattening the box out and removing the old cellophane. With the box flat, the best replacement I have found is laminating sheet (not pouch) place it over the box and mark it out to the size of the original cellophane and cut it out, mark it where it bends as well as you may have to fold it in order to retain the original shape of the box as it's thicker, you also may just have to nick each side where it bends over. On the line of the old glue, and to stick the box joint back again, run a very thin line of glue on the box and place the new 'cellophane' in place, clear UHU glue I find is best, and put weight on it on a flat surface for 1/2 an hour to allow the glue to dry and then stick the box on the joint back together again.  I have done this many times and find especially if the box before was a bit 'weak', the thicker 'cellophane' will strengthen it.  Helpfull?

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I can only agree with the two preceding replies

A) You got a bargain

B) I would replace cello as it would firm up the box and make them look more presentable at the end of the day though the choice is yours  ;D

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I have replaced the acetate on a number of boxed models I have sold on ebay over the past few years, in all honesty it does not seem to have made any difference to the prices they have achieved in terms of they have been virtually the same as 'original' complete boxes.I think provided you do it well enough as powerabbit suggests 9.9/10 it will not make any difference in fact sometimes they actually look a lot better as it does stiffen up the boxes.There wiil always be those who will want something that is absolutely 100% original in every aspect of course but it depends where your priorities lie.Hope this helps.

PS-I always state I have replaced the acetate ;D

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When you say 'replacing on older Britains models' I presume you mean the window in the box. It's dead easy and with practice you'll soon get used to doing it blindfold. If you refer to my earlier posts and follow the tips you won't go wrong. Another thing you can do whilst the box is 'open' or opened flat to replace the cellophane, if there are any tears in the box, most being in the area of the end flaps, you can close these tears by cutting a strip of thin card and glue over the tear on the inside to cover it. If you want to go even further and cover wear marks on the outside of the box where the colouring has flaked through rubbing or flaking from creasing you can cover these marks to a certain extent by using kiddies wax crayon on the shiny finished boxes and matching the colour and on the non-shiny or semi-shiny earlier boxes you can use the pencil type colouring pencils. You may have to go over the marks several times to get an effective cover. On the tuck-in flaps on the box end flaps, the edges very often fray. The card is made up of several thin layers and these layers seperate, if you use something like a very thin sliver of wood or even better something like a very thin screwdriver and very lightly smear s little UHU type glue between each of the layers one at a time, you can stick it all down again and effect a good repair. I have brought back many a tired box from the brink of extinction repairing them like this.

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Another topic bump!

I am looking for anyone who is skilled in the art of replacing the cellophane on older Britains models.

with out pulling the box apart "carfully" cellophane is redily avalable anywhere even to

the thinnesss that the boxes have origionaly

the big question Andy is how to get the old cellophane out without dammageing the card

and what glue is safe to use to rebond the new cellophane

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