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Kane silage trailer

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here is a quite simple conversion. it's the old siku class trailer and i have made it into a normal swinging door instead of hydraulic door. I'm just going to spray it kane blue and white, simple conversion, not that interesting... if i'm happy enough with it at the end, i'll make another one for silage 8)








any questions fire away ;)

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the stuff i use for silage id very light (real dried out grass) yea i would like to make one like his but it's hard to do on this :-\

suppose so

you dont need a catch do you because it only opens when you tip it because of the amount of silage leaning on the door (that might be compleatly wrong but o well)

of course you will mate cant go about with your back door open

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it roughly holds the same as the marston grain trailers, that's why i thought 12 :-\

weirdly enough if you scale the martson measurements up to real size they actually come in at  10 tonners from memory, when i was doing my convos i worked it out ,just for intrest, as i considered casting the ertl ones for the bodys, they are the same size to near as

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Hi Mate very Nice work on the trailer . On the subject of is it legal to badge them, My grandad used to say anything is legal until you get caught doing it if you shouldn't be. :) To be honest I don't think there would be a problem if you do not sell them. :)

claas was not happy when i approched them about a richard western silage trailer conversion.  just becarefull for those who are thinking selling badged items.

The Class trailer is a 10 Tonner.

can you extend the sides about 10mm, if its a conversion and your following a plan- that will work

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they are breeding :o :o :D aye so bought another one yesturday by this afternoon it was pimped out ::) yea right :D;D i now have tailgate lock(not great but does the job), hoses brackets, drawbar stands and the tailgates are manual as ive never seen a kane silage trailer with hydraulic doors in NI :D :D enough ranting..






oh and i have these primed, shall get to halfords for paint this week :)

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