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Fordcrazy001 - collection of Fordson, Ford, New Holland & Versatile - new photos

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Hello I am Wil and am a big time fan of the Ford tractors and anything that had to do with the Ford concern. My collection expands quite a bit(. From the old Fordsons to the Ford and later on New Holland and also the by Ford acquired articulated manufacturer Versatile. I collect all scales.. from 1:12 up to 1:87.

i really wouldnt know how to get the whole collection in a few shots as i am not even able to display all items (lost count..ha ha!..)

but if you wish to have a rough view of it, you can check my collection website

www.fordcrazy001.com , in the "About" section you will find a couple of pictures of my collection as it is displayed. In the "collection" section each model is photographed and categorized

i would love to hear about what you think about it and naturally hear from other Ford enthusiasts and farm toy collectors...

on page 2 i have started with sharing photographs of my collection on a  "type" bases (Ford 40-series, 60-series, New Holland TM series, Fordson F etc.etc.etc.. when i have completed that task(it will take weeks), i will update the type-pictures regularly when new models have arrived.

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Welcome aboard Wil,

Great collection mate  ;)

You are most welcome on here, we need more members with your great taste  ;)

Whats your favourite model (so far)

And whats next on your shopping list  ???

Keep posting and keeping the mighty Ford model tractor banner rolling

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thanks all. Great to see you too on here Denis, Murray and Udimore(i am pretty certain i bought a blue one from you a while ago on ebay.. ;) ).

to answer a few questions..

my favourite model is.. oh heck..make that ARE ;)

1. Ford 5000 Ernest Doe 1:16 UH

2. Ford Jubilee 1:12 Product Miniature

3. Fordson major 1:16 Chad Valley

4. Fordson major 1:20 Empire Made

5. Ford 641 workmaster 1:16 ERTL precision

It is hard to choose from so many great models but i have a preference for the larger scale detailed tractors.

i have a top 10 of models i am searching for.. those have priority..


and i will keep that Ford banner rolling ;). i'll colour the world blue if i had the chance  :D


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thanks.. i havent checked marky's collection yet.. but after the remark about being his Ford version, i'd better check  ;)

and yes, i ordered like 30 of those great models. and well.. i just don't have the room to display them all ;) so a few will change hands :P

am counting the days  ;D

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What a wonderful site, looks like you have spent a lot of time - not only on the collection but putting the site together. Do you only collect originals, no conversions? I love the TJ series in 1/32. I'd love one of them (not triples) but they always seem a but steep for what you get really.  :-\

Welcome to FTF by the way.  :)

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thanks Deere-est (great name btw.).

yeah, a lot of time was spent on that site. i am lucky enough to have a girlfriend who is good at webdesign which of course helped  ;)

The TJ-series are pretty good. but also expensive.. and getting more expensive by the day it seems. I got one in 1:!6 scale.. which is awesome.. (AND HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!)

I collect originals yes. i dont collect conversions as there would be no end to it anymore.. ;)

Also small series of atleast 250 are in my interest..

liking every minute on here with fellow collectors who share this great hobby of collecting farm models :D

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:o :o Stone the crows  :o :o

Amazing collection......Fantastic Website  ;)

If only I had the time to produce something like that  >:(

Wil I need to pop over to see you as you have a models that I don't have.....damn it I need to buy more and more  :D :D

Thanks for sharing... I am in shock  :P:D :D

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to reply on a few posts ;)

Wil I need to pop over to see you as you have a models that I don't have.....damn it I need to buy more and more 

Thanks for sharing... I am in shock   

thanks Barry, sorry to have introduced a couple unknown Ford's to you.. I hate it when that happens to me and i have even more on my wishlist :-\

They are all in great condition. How do you display them all , and are they mainly boxed items.

I have about 2 display cabinets. in one of them all the Fordsons are displayed, the other contains my New Holland combines. I also have some home made show cabinets that are way to full. Regretfully i am not able to show them all. The Versatile collection and all the trucks and banks etc. are currently in a closet as well as the huge 1:16 articulated tractors.

In the future i hope to refurbish a complete room for my collection so i can display all the models and memorabilia and brochures i have gathered. Luckily my girlfriend found it ok :D

and i do keep all the boxes. With rare models i try to keep them in the boxes, but mostly out of the boxes. about 85% of the models have boxes with them that i store separately cause it would take toooooooo much space.. ;)

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oops, i accidently got a mistake in posting the images.. just corrected it.

naturally you can also check my collection on my website www.fordcrazy001.com where you will find more pictures in the about section of parts of my collection as pictures of every single model in my collection in the collection part of the site.


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Alright..here are the new pictures of my collection..divided in type.. (Fordson F, Ford 8N , Ford 10-series, New Holland TM etc.etc.etc.)

i will try to keep these pictures updated and hang with me to get them all on here! (there will be over 40 pictures and it will take a few weeks before i have made them all! ) Also will these be used in a slideshow that will be introduced on my website in a few months..

albeit..here are the first

Ford 8N


Ford Jubilee


Ford 6xx-8xx series


Ford 7xx-9xx series


Ford x600-x700 series


Ford 10-series


Ford 20-series


Ford 30-series


Ford 40-series


Ford 60-series


Ford 70-series


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