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Siku Chargers - information req.


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is this correct when charging ???

put battery in charger

turn on mains

red light comes on

turn battery to on

red goes off, green comes on then flashes - so is charging

1) now my other charger, when i do that, the green light doesnt flash, just stays on, i take it its not charging and broke (again!) ???

2) Is the battery charged when the flashing green light stops flashing (how long??)

sorry i cant find the instructions and havent used them for a while!

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Have you tried swapping around the batteries and charger's to find out if its the battery or changer not function correctly   :-\ :-\ :-\

yeah, it seems to be the charger that does it, both batteries work fine in the other charger (cant remember which one was which ;))

this happened to me before when i first got the set, the charger didnt work so sent it back, but its 2 years old now!......oh well i guess i can buy the Axion set and get a new one :D :D :D

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