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britains lorry convo

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been pondering over this the last few nights, still not 100% on it yet, but tris said post it up anyway, need to make a new back door, and the ram will be a single multi stage between the cab and body, origonal britains body fitted just moved the rear axel back and squezed another in and converted it to right hand drive to ,used to have a similar thing on the farm for grain hauling but that was a leyland "roadtrain" i think,deff a leyland anyway




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can I have the shelves in the trailer at the back please???

Looking great, get them wagons rolling.

Looking forward to seeing this develop, will it be an older truck or made into a more modern one?

Shelves? :D :D :D :D

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Get any further this with Sean - should look well when you are finished ;D ;D

I presume the space between the cab and the body is for the ram and its oil tank ???

its in a box sat on the bed behind me, had to take the shed down, so until thats sorted and back up,hopefully by the bank hoilday weekend if b&q delivery the last bit ofthe shed by then, i will be back on it,

had a huge clear out i nthe process so all being well a few other bits can get done now to mate

yes the gap is for the new ram and oil tank when i get going again, and maybe i will have a new cab to, nice old look merc, if the shops open tommorrow

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chassis and cab all painted now, rams fitted behind the cab, but i need to build my own body for it now, as i cant convert the britains body to tip with a ram mounted this way very easilly, so currently hunting for some ideas if any one has a pic or two

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