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hello there


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hi people,

i thought i would introduce myself, i am ares620rz so no guess's to what the daily drive is, my real name is davie

i live in north east scotland and work as a cattler

i found out about your forum on the farmingforum.com

my collection is as follows

joal renault 620 rx

britains john deere 7920

britains samson tanker

britains cattle float

universal hobbies claas cougar

siku limited edition 6520

siku control 6920s

siku control krone swadro

siku john deere 6920s

siku john deere 5820

siku john deere 7400 spfh

siku strautmann feed wagon

siku 5 furrow plough

ertl john deere 6200 with loader

universal hobbies krone big x

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Hello Davie... welcome to the forum... thanks for the introduction... It's great to have you on-board buddy  ;)

If you need any help.. don't hesitate to ask... I should warn you that your wallet is in for a hammering now you've found us... best brace yourself for a financially challenging time ahead  :o;D

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Welcome to the Forum Davie, always good to welcome a fellow Renault fan onto here :) If you need any help then feel fre to ask one of us :)

Just watch out for that Marky Ferguson as he'll try to convert you to those red tractors ::);D:D :D ;)

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hey thanks for the warm welcome chaps,

new holland 2 i have watched your videos on you tube and seen your pics on fotopic, they are very good, i had better watch out for someone sneaking about with a camera ha ha!

Thanks mate, glad you liked the pictures and videos........ :)

Well if you see anyone sneaking around in a red VW Golf taking pics of tractors etc it could well be me........ :D:);) ;)

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