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how to take off uh massey floorpan?

Big A


can anyone tell me how to take off the floorpan and bonnet from a UH massey 5480, from what i remember all the other uh tractors i have taken apart have had a screw at the bottom of the casting but i cant see one on this model ???

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Blake does no  ;D ;D ;D ;D ::) ::)

Right ok, It is the same as the other Uh tractors but different  :-\ :-\

There is a main screw underneath that goes throught the chassias in to the seat. ;)

To find this screw there is a bit of plastic that runs underneath the chassias from front to rear up the centre of the chassias, Its like a piece of square bar  ;)  prise it of nearer the front and pull forward. when it is off the screw will be there in a hole.  ;) ;)

I think this is another way of Uh trying to stop people ripping there models apart, ;):D :D :D But they didn't fool me  ;D ;D ;D ;D

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