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dry enough for ground work


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getting busy with some of the new gear at Winterhay

first over some ploughed ground with my new centaur 6000 &? NH 8560 on LGP tyres

then out with the new combination drills as got to hit into it hard as i can before rains again

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Very nice mjb1. How's the Amazone coming along?? :) :) :)

very well thanks ,it's about time i invested in some newer tackle  & the centaur & the 2 drills fit the bill for the time being ,i am a little dissapointed with the JCB's tiping action & the britains/ertl big pack bales don't seem to be as big as the siku ones !

i think the next perchase will be the siku ACCORD min till drill maybe? i would very much like a FTF 7000 but simply can't justify ?50 for one tractor :-\

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i don't think the picture does it any justice as have had no problems with it on any of the tractors i've hitched it up to.

it's probably the fact it looks so wide compared to the shortness of the drawbar. as for the modification i've got a drawbar from an old round baler & was going to drill out a new hole & simply bolt it to the original  amazone hitch ring  that way the model isn't damaged from my modification skills !

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