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21" Flatbed coming along...

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Looks good mate, I like the metal work. One thing though, I think the axles may be a little far forward maybe pull them back abit till there in line with the last crossmember ??? ??? :) :)

have to agree with NCC there powerstar. :)

the next set of wheels to go on my trailer will be smaller & wider  than the britains truck wheels

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Like I said, none of it is assembled apart from the metal frame with the base, there's room for improvement, keep the comments coming, i like a little help from others, Tattie boxes & bales NH2, look good won't it, i'll post some pictures of that when it's finished  ;)

I just used the wheels off of my bogie blue bale trailer after it changed to a marston.

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It's really easy, just coat the joints in a red liquid called 'flux' then heat both bits of metal up to they are glowing red, apply the brass and the rest is like soldering.

so what you are kind of saying is, its a similar process to plumbing then??  ??? ??? ???

can you put some tips in the custom tips section please???  ??? ???

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