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Water Trough

Would you pay €5 for this  

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Now that does look the part. Make a few and put them on eBay to see what they will make.  Yuo could make some outdoor mineral feeders in the same style as well. Ever thought about making a trough with the ballfloat box on one end like the galvanised ones?  ;)

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its a bit dear

They would probably make more on eBay. I would say that 5 euro for one is'nt a bad price considering the time and thought that's gone into it. C'mon, cut the chap a bit of slack!  ;)

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iv worked it out id pay 4 this minute for it

So you have spoken to Coxy, asked how long it took and what he values his time at, how many he can do from one tin of paint and how much the tin cost, how much the materials were and how many he can get from one lot. .... Have you?

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So you havn't worked anything out at all then. If you reckon 4 - 4.50 then this one being 5euros is pretty well good enough I'd have thought.  ::)

Agree with you tris,

5 euros is not bad at all, everyone thinks about the cost of materials but not the time that is taken to make the models.

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Troughs look good.

If they were bigger I would by some ;)

Also powerrabbit said how about one with a ballfloat box on the end.

Maybe some more explanation on why not ????

I will be making a bigger one soon and a cattle feeding trough, in the one i have the ballfloat is in the center i will make the one like you are saying if i can have some pictures please,

i hope to make some for sale when i come back from my holidays, they will be made as a first come first serve if you want one please pm

Thanks for all the feedback, i think it is a far price for what it is

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