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Natted's small Collection (mainly Siku) Updated: 04/08/2008


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Hi everyone,

hadnt much time to visit this forum since i joined a few weeks ago, but iv decided to post basically the small collection I have.

I am a very new collector, only got interested in the hobby in the past few months, so many people know starting any collection isnt easy.

The only shop near me that sells models, only sell siku models, so all (except 1) are sikus.

I have posted pictures but they are of poor quality, sorry, i used the camera in my mobile phone which is pretty bad.

In the main picture (which has all 12), they are as follows:

Bottom Row: (left to right)

3653 Massey Ferguson with a MF 894 loader (does not say model of tractor itself for some reason)

3257 Fendt 924 Vario with Twin-wheels (though it says fendt 900 on box)

3652 John Deere 6820 with loader

3057 Lamborghini R6.110

Middle Row: (left to right)

3056 Fendt 312 Vario

3469 Schluter Super 1250VL

Britains Volvo BM Valmet 805

3051 MF 5455

Top Row: (left to right)

3050 John Deere 5820

3053 John Deere 5615F

3052 Fendt 209S

2652 New Holland Ford 5635

Main Pic:


Closer view (left side, sorry poor quality)


Right side:


any comments for this very small collection is welcome.

thanks for looking.  :)


I have purchased another model; :)

Siku 3251 Massey Ferguson 8280 xtra



Another one for my collection:

Siku 3260 Same Diamond 265



Iv 2 more models to add to my collection both are Fendts (and of course siku :D)

Siku 3258 Fendt 936 vario


Siku 3254 fendt 930 vario


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Two or more is a collection... so you've got a good one already... thanks for sharing...

Will you be keeping them all in their boxes... or getting them out on display ???

I am still undecided whether to take them out of the boxes for display, i would need some suitable shelving or cabinets, but at least i know, keeping them in the boxes for the time-being will keep them in mint condition.  ;)

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