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As the topic name says.

I started whit the MF8280 from Siku and the cab+platform from a UH 5480.

The bonnet off the 8280 is going to be modified to the 8400series bonnet.

Here is what I've done so far.

Cut the dash off the chassis from the 8280 and 2 peaces off the cabplatform.

Also put some Plastic Putty on the bonnet whit plastic card.

Here are the Pics how she looks like at the moment.



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well after a long time an update here from me.

Being a bit bussy lateley whit the Bank because i bought a house (already told a while ago on Generalbuy topic)

But her is a small updat off the model.

Painted the Rims in the right colour and also i did some preperation on the grill for the head lights.

here are the photo's



and off the front


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that is awesome now I better have a closer look I will pm you my address here in the states and u can send it to me anytime soon for a closer look, I will return it ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh never,    :D :D :D :D  what a beauty!!!

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